JASMIN Resource Management


This application gathers information about projects requiring resources on JASMIN and constructs requests for projects to be provided with those resources.

JASMIN resources are allocated by the NERC HPC Committee to Consortium Managers who are each responsible for the distribution of their overall allocation of JASMIN resources within their domain area. Requests for resources should be discussed with the relevant Consortium Manager at the earliest opportunity.


Please follow the steps below to request resources on JASMIN

1. Create a Project

  • Create a new Project with brief details including contact email.
  • Indicate which Consortium your Project should "belong" to.
  • Save the Project. This will generate a unique, private URL which you should bookmark. This may be shared among project colleagues, but anyone with the URL can edit the project.
  • The Project will appear in the publicly-viewable list of Projects once it has been moderated by the Consortium Manager (for spam prevention).

2. Add Requirements to your Project

  • Add requirements to your Project, indicating the resources needed by your Project after discussion with your colleauges.
  • Add entries for each (financial) year for which the resource is required.

3. Submit requirements for review

  • Submit each year's requirement for review by your Consortium Manager, who will discuss them with the JASMIN team. Your Consortium manager will need to balance the requirements of your Project allocation of resources against those of other Projects in the same Consortium.

4. Wait for contact from your Consortium Manager

  • Your Consortium manager will review the requirements and may contact you to discuss/refine them.
  • Once requirement have been agreed, your Consortium Manager will pass the request for resources on to the JASMIN Team to provide your required resources.

5. Review and update requirements

  • During the lifetime of your Project, and of the provisioned resources, you may need to revise your requirements for the current or future years in consultation with your Consortium manager.